About Linkpat

Lingpat is owned and established by Patent attorney Ole Jagtboe. Ole has been working with patent for the last 30 years. Besides patent, he has also been working with Design and trademark protections and he is currently a European Design- and Trademark attorney.

Ole’s carrier within IPR branch started in 1982 as a patent examiner at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO). As an examiner he had carried out patent searches and patent examinations for more than 1,000 cases. He also participated in international task forces, handling the tasks such as revision of International patent classification IPC at WIPO.

After 12 years as a patent examiner, Ole joined a private patent firm called Zacco as a Patent Attorney. He worked at Zacco for 4 years, then moved on to work as a patent manager at NKTR Research center, where he had responsibility for patent portfolios of all the companies under the NKT group, inclusing Nilfisk Advance, NKT Flexibles, GiGA, etc. During his employment at NKT, Ole was in a close contact with researchers who were looking for potential patent protections.

During the period of 2000-2010, Ole worked for different patent law firms in Denmark as a Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney and European trademark Attorney.

After having obtained 30 years of experience with Intellectual Property Right (IPR), Ole decided to establish his own patent firm, Lingpat, since January 2011.

Lingpat’s areas of expertise are Mechanics,  Electronics and Medico Technology. Lingpat works in corporation with www.mmpatents.com in the area of chemistry.